Mr. Patrick Dubé

Lawyer & Mediator

FRMe Patrick Dubé

Mr. Patrick Dubé

Graduated from law school in Montréal University in 1986 after working in the criminal and penal judiciary system for 6 years, Mr. Dubé joined the Quebec bar in 1987. Part time teacher in Concordia University since 1999 where he teaches constructions laws in English; he is also certified civil and commercial mediator. He has been member of several boards of directors. He is fully bilingual and handles cases in the French and the English language. He also has good basic knowledge in Spanish. He disposes of a large experience in civil law and criminal and penal law. He solved a vast variety of cases, either by settlement or by obtaining judgement:

Civil law
− Call for tenders
− Construction contracts
− Legal hypothecs of construction
− Hidden defects
− Action in execution of title
− Neighbor disputes
− Servitudes
− Insurance claims
− Physical injuries
− Material damages
− Partnership contracts
− Partners disputes
− Shareholders agreements
− Shareholders disputes
− Commercial contracts
− Estate

Labour Law
− Dismissals
− Labour contracts
− Employment Dismissal
− Non-competition Clause
− Harassment
− Labour contacts
− Individual Labour Relations
− Employment insurance

Criminal and penal law
− Thefts
− Assaults
− Sexual assaults
− Death threats
− Motor vehicles offences
− Impaired driving
− Illegal drugs
− Alcohol permit offences

Administrative Law
− Judicial Review
− Representation against Government Entities

Disciplinary Law