Mr. Vladimir Borovikov


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Mr. Vladimir Borovikov

Passionate – a word that best describes Vladimir. First of all, passionate about his work as a fiscal lawyer, Vladimir defends the rights of taxpayers against Quebec’s and federal fiscal authorities as well as provincial and federal courts. He also offers fiscal planning services for businessmen and companies.

Prior to his arrival to Quebec in 2002, Vladimir worked for six years as an engineer of automated management systems for small-medium enterprises (SME). He was responsible for finding out the clients’ needs and responding to these by creating an efficient management system for their enterprises. In parallel to his job as an engineer, Vladimir operated a business of selling appliances.

In April 2014, Vladimir became a member of the Bar of Quebec. Prior to that data, he has already acquired several years of practical experience in the fiscal and legal domains in Quebec. After completing his studies in Paralegal College, Vladimir worked for one year as a paralegal in small law firm. During his studies at the university, he was employed for nearly two years as a student for the Fiscal Affairs Department of the Ministry of Justice of Canada and for the Richter Accounting company. Furthermore, Vladimir completed a six-month internship of the Bar of Quebec at Slythe Blaisel & Associates, a law firm specializing in taxation.

Being a detail-oriented and attentive professional, Vladimir is able to effectively adapt his past experience to his work as a tax lawyer. Vladimir offers a service to his clients in five languages, including French, English, Russia, Polish and Ukrainian.

Vladimir has initiated the founding of the Chamber of Russian Commerce and Industry at Quebec. Since July 2015, he is a director of the board of directors and an active member of this chamber.


Fiscal planning
According to the clients’ needs, Vladimir offers a service of a legal advisor for businessmen looking to minimize their tax rate all while conforming to the law. In reorganizing the clients’ corporate structures, he ensures that they can benefit from all possible advantages under the tax laws. As well, Vladimir offers international fiscal planning services for Canadian companies that are aiming to establish their operations in the United States and Europe, including Eastern European countries, as well as for the companies in those countries that would like to establish their operation in Canada.

Tax litigation
With a sense of commitment, Vladimir represents the clients when they face:
− An audit by the fiscal authorities;
− An assessment that they want to oppose;
− An unfavorable tax ruling on the objection they want to appeal.

Drafting contracts
− Determination of the contractual rights and obligations of parties wishing to do business under a service contract and not a contract of employment;
− Shareholder agreements.

Constitutions of companies and non-profit organizations
Books update service for companies and non-profit organizations

Legal advice services
If you are facing problems with a written or a verbal contract that you have concluded with another individual and that you would like to find out what your rights and obligations are, do not hesitate to contact Mr. Borovikov.