Mr. Guy McDonald

Lawyer & Mediator

FRMe Guy McDonald

Mr. Guy McDonald

Me McDonald has over 27 years of private practice experience, among which, 20 years as managing partner within a Firm where the number of associates varied between four (4) and 14 attorneys.

His practice brought him to evolve in many areas of the Law. Notwithstanding the fact that corporate and transactional law has occupied a part of his practice, Me McDonald has always been largely devoted to his Commercial and Civil litigation. Since the beginning of his professional career, Me McDonald practiced more than two years in property assessment appeals. He also frequently engaged in many areas of the Law, mostly Commercial Liability, Litigation between Shareholder and Associates, Debt Collection, Financing, Commercial Law within the Health industry (Doctors, Dentists, Veterinarians), Construction Law as well as Real Estate Law.

Consequently, having had the opportunity to practice within a wide range of areas of the Law, both to a substantive and procedural stand of point, Me McDonald therefore possess an extensive knowledge and a wide range of expertise. His regular attendance before Tribunals allowed Me McDonald to develop sharp pleading abilities as well as allowing him to acquire a thorough knowledge of the roles of the main actors within the Justice system.

Furthermore, Me McDonald benefits from a vast experience in the drafting of written procedures and in the drafting of contracts and agreements following mediation. He also developed the ability to analyze complex legal situations.

Me McDonald is also a Certified Civil and Commercial Mediator. This training proved very helpful on many occasions within the context of amicable settlements and conflicts resolutions where his clients were involved. His role as mediator is by far the activity he preferred to exercise during his career, and that being said with all due modesty, he is very skilled as such. He also followed an civil and commercial arbitration as well as mediation training workshop at Harvard University, Cambridge, MA.

Me McDonald has also been a lecturer teaching the aw regarding printing to commercial printers during three years and has given conferences and lectures regarding that same subject during a period of eight years. He also delivered numerous Business Law training courses representatives of the Dental Industry.

Me McDonald is fluent in both French and English. He regularly handles cases in English.

Commercial Law
− Incorporation
− Contracts
− Mortgage
− Company Bookkeeping
− Financing
− Sales of Shares
− Patent Transfers

Civil Law
− Contracts
− Civil and Commercial Litigation
− Consumer Protection
− Securities
− Insurance
− Civil and Professional Liability
− Shareholder Litigation

Real Estate Law
− Undivided co-ownership
− Latent defects
− Transfer of title
− Pre-registration
− Leases
− Construction
− Legal Hypothec
− Conventional Hypothecs